Screening of improved rice genotypes and their hybrids against rice blast (Pyricularia oryzae) under foot hills of North Western Himalayas

Nine diverse rice genotypes viz. HPR1164, HPR2047, China 988, VL91-1754, VL93-3613, VL93-6052, IR578793-08, VL Dhan221 and JD8 which were crossed in a diallel mating design and screened in a uniform blast nursery. Among the parents, China 988 was susceptible, IR57893-08 was resistant while VL Dhan 221 was highly resistant and remaining six genotypes were moderately resistant to leaf blast. Out of thirty six hybrids, six were highly resistant and remaining ones were moderately resistant to leaf blast and neck blast. Cross combinations HPR2047 x VL93-6052, HPR2047 x IR57893-08, China 988 x VlDhan221, China 988 x JD8 and VLDhan221 x JD 8 exhibited resistance against neck blast in F1 and F2 generations.

Author : Sanjeev Kumar and JK Sharma