Combined Effect of seed fortification and foliar spray with sprouted pulses extract on rice

Experiments were conducted to study the effect of seed and crop fortification with sprouted pulses extracts on seed productivity of rice cv. ADT 43. Seeds fortified with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 per cent concentrations of horsegram and cowpea extracts, for 8 h and shade dried then subjected to seed germination test to adjudge the optimum treatment. The studies revealed that among all the combinations, seeds fortified with 3 % cowpea extract
showed 88 %, 9.65 cm, 19.99 cm, 0.130 g for germination, shoot length, root length and dry matter production, respectively. Control recorded the lowest values (74%, 8.67 cm, 15.69 cm, 0.120 g, respectively). The best treatments were tested in the field along with foliar spray with sprouted pulses extracts @ 1, 2, 3 and 4 per cent levels at two stages viz., active tillering and seed filling stages. Results indicated that seed fortification with 3 % sprouted cowpea extract followed by foliar spray with 2 % cowpea extract showed earliness in tillering and flowering and increase in seed yield attributing factors, and seed yield.