Studies on inheritance of yield and yield components in rice

Inheritance of seven yield and yield contributing characters was studied in three crosses viz., BPT 5204/ MTU 1081, MTU 1010/ JGL 13595 and NLR 34449/ MTU 1075. The results of scaling tests indicated the significance of epistatic interactions for all the characters in the three crosses studied. Days to 50% flowering showed significantly negative additive and additive x additive gene effects in all the crosses which can be utilized for development of early duration lines through direct selection. All the crosses exhibited significant additive and dominance effects for plant height. The dominance effects played a major role in the inheritance of the number of tillers plant-1. The genetic components dominance and dominance x dominance were opposite in direction for 1000 grain weight in all crosses. For grain yield per plant, complementary epistasis was observed in MTU 1010 / JGL 13595 and NLR 34449 / MTU 1075 while duplicate epistasis was found in BPT 5204 / MTU 1081.