Genetic divergence among rice landraces of Goa

Twenty four genotypes of rice comprising landraces of Goa and improved cultivars were studied for genetic diversity on the basis of yield and its attributing characters. Based on D2 analysis, the 24 rice genotypes were grouped into 6 clusters. Cluster I consisted maximum of 13 genotypes followed by Cluster III with six genotypes. The grouping of most of the landraces of Goa and few improved cultivars of rice into one cluster (III) indicates genetic relatedness among these genotypes. Cluster II had two genotypes, while the remaining clusters viz., Cluster IV, Cluster V and Cluster VI were represented by single genotypes each viz., Shidde, Saalsi and Kolyo respectively. Among different traits, days to 50% per cent flowering (38.77 %), 1000 grain weight (19.93), grain breadth (17.75) and plant height (14.86) had maximum contribution towards the total divergence.

Author : K K Manohara and N P Singh