Variability, heritability and genetic divergence in lowland rice genotypes under the mid-hills of Sikkim

Twenty seven genotypes of lowland rice were evaluated under organic conditions in the mid-hills of Sikkim in during the wet season of 2007-08 for 11 quantitative traits namely days to 50% flowering, days to maturity, plant height, tiller number, productive tillers, panicle length, number of grains panicle-1, grain length, grain breadth, length breadth ratio and yield hectare-1. Analysis of variance revealed significant differences among the genotypes for all the traits studied. Heritability in broad sense was high for all the traits, highest being recorded for plant height, grain breadth and length breadth ratio. Number of tillers, grain yield ha-1 and length breadth ratio were having high genetic advance coupled with high heritability. The genetic divergence among the genotypes was estimated through Mahalanobis D2 statistics. The 27 genotypes were grouped into 4 clusters. Yield ha-1 (20.80 %) contributed maximum towards divergence followed by plant height (16.81 %), grain breadth (16.52 %) and grain length (15.10%).