Screening physiology of rice drought stress protein

Achieving drought tolerance in rice requires a deeper understanding of the relationship between possible physiological mechanisms available for water stress tolerance and the identification of expressed proteins under adverse conditions. An investigation was carried out at N.D.U.A.T., Kumarganj, Faizabad. The introgression lines and checks were sown under drought stress and control (irrigated) condition. Drought stress situation was applied 60 days after sowing, while in case of control condition optimum moisture was maintained by frequent irrigations. The rice leaves were selected from drought and control conditions, four introgression lines were selected for 12% acryl amide gel electrophoresis, along with two checks IR 64 and NDR 97. Out of four introgression lines two lines IR 82870-26 and IR 82870-29 were susceptible and other two lines IR 82870-2 and IR 82870-11 were drought tolerant. The leaf protein produced novel bandings patterns in two lines IR 82870-
2 and IR 82870-11 rice genotypes which also exhibited good response under drought environment.