Constraints of the farmers in adoption of SRI method - An analysis

The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method appears to be a viable alternative for rice cultivation. But, it is found to be difficult for most farmers to practice. A study was undertaken with 115 farmers adopting SRI to assess their constraints in adoption of SRI. Analysis of data revealed that the farmers expressed the benefits of higher production, more profitable, compatible to the system, technical feasibility, sustainable production, improvement on soil health and economic use of water in SRI than conventional method. The study suggested for sufficient attempt for motivating farmers, team work, adequate training and exposure visit to develop confidence, skill competency in maintaining ideal field condition, assured irrigation facilities for maintaining water and custom hiring facilities for use of implements to eliminate the constraints of the farmers succeeding area expansion of SRI along with increasing production and productivity in rice cultivation.

Author : Plabita Ray and T Barik