Varietal diversification of rice in Bhadrak district of Odisha

A study was undertaken to evaluate diversification index and desirable traits linking rice varieties for its popularity in the Bhadrak district of Odisha. Primary data was collected from sample farmers in three blocks of Bhadrak district i.e. Tihidi, Basudevpur and Bonth by multistage random sampling method. The result revealed that the most popular variety was ‘Swarna’ followed by ‘CR 1018’ in the district. Highest numbers of varieties were reported from Tihidi block because of adverse agro-climatic situations to withstand. Few varieties, mostly high yielding were reported from irrigated area of Bonth block because of suitable agro-climatic condition. Low and medium lowlands were covered by local land races because of lack of suitable high yielding varieties which could withstand excess water stress. Desirable trait as perceived by the farmers was mostly high yielding potential. As farmers were not getting suitable seeds for adverse ecosystem, as per the study, it was suggested that suitable and quality rice cultivars should be developed with ability to withstand water logging and flash flood situation.