Combining ability and heterosis for yield and its related traits in rice hybrids

Combining ability analysis and heterosis for yield and its attributing traits was carried out in rice through line x tester analysis of 30 hybrids developed by crossing three females with ten male lines during wet season 2010 at Mandya, Karnatak. The hybrids along with parents and a standard check KRH-2 grown in a RCBD with two replications were evaluated for grain yield and yield contributing traits during dry season 2011. The estimates of gca effects indicated that, among females, KCMS 49A and among males Thanu are good general combiners for grain yield and most of the traits studied. High sca effects were observed in the crosses, KCMS 47A × KMR 4, KCMS 48A × MSN 75 and KCMS 47A × MSN 98 and they were found to be the best combinations for grain yield and its traits. The crosses KCMS 47A× KMR 4 and KCMS 49A × MSN 93 exhibited high mean seed yield and high standard heterosis over standard check KRH-2.