Relative efficacy of straw bin and gunny bag to control ageing process in paddy seeds

Freshly harvested seeds of paddy (var. Lalat) were stored in gunny bag and straw bin under ambient condition for 10 months. The initial values for seed moisture content, germination, vigour index, field emergence, conductivity of seed leachate, insect infestation and dehydrogenase activity were 8.98%, 93%, 1350, 91%, 0.36 mmhos cm-1, 0% and 0.038 OD g-1 dry weight of seed, respectively. The initial average temperature of stored seeds in both the containers was 27.20 C. After 4 months of storage, seed moisture content tended to increase in gunny bag due to rise in atmospheric relative humidity caused by onset of monsoon but less so in straw bin. Seed moisture content approached maximum values after 6 months and 8 months of storage in gunny bag (11.44%) and straw bin (10.32%), respectively. Seeds stored in straw bin maintained germinability above minimum seed certification standard (MSCS) (80%) for 8 months while in gunny bag the germination value fell below MSCS just after 5 months of storage.