Trend and growth rates of rice in India

India had the largest share in acreage under rice in the world during pre-WTO regime. It was 28.60 per cent, but during the post-WTO regime its share in area was slightly decreased from 28.60 to 28.25 per cent. There was significant increasing trends of area (0.62 per cent) and productivity (2.79 per cent), which ultimately resulted in 3.44 per cent growth in production during the post-WTO period. Rice exports (quantity) from India were encouraging, in the sense that, they account for more than 70 per cent and 55 per cent in terms of total cereals and food grain exports respectively during the pre-WTO period. In terms of value the exports share account for more than three-fourth of the total cereal exports, more than 70 per cent of the total food grain exports and around 10 per cent of total agricultural products export. During the pre-WTO period there was significant growth of 13.77 per cent in rice exports in terms quantity and in terms of value it was 10.22 per cent. India was the chief importer of rice from the international market during the pre-WTO period. The imports were irregular during post-WTO period but showed positive growth and turned non-significant. The growth in net trade of rice revealed that in terms of quantity the growth was positive, but turned non-significant, but in terms of value there was significant growth of 8.44 per cent indicating a healthy net trade in growth of India’s trade.

Author : M Ramakrishna and M Srikala*