Identifying drought tolerant rice genotypes using participatory research approach for resource poor farmer’s of Odisha

To encourage rice-rice cropping system and to enhance yield and livelihood in rainfed areas, Drought Breeding Network, Cuttack conducted “Participatory Varietal Selection (PVS)” trial at Samia and Berna villages under drought prone rainfed condition during wet season 2009. The management practices were consistent with local crop husbandry used by farmers and evaluations were made by the farmers. Both male and female farmers scored each genotype for different individual traits considered important by them. The genotypes viz., CR 2624 and IR 74371-70-1-1 were stable, however IR 74371-3-1-1 was found to be suited for fragile environments. The genotypes IR 74371-70-1-1, IR 74371-3-1-1, CR 2624 and IR 55419-04 yielded maximum than best check (Khandagiri) and exhibited low drought suceptiblity index (DSI) and high drought tolerance efficiency (DTE ) for grain yield also. These genotypes registered above 4.5 t ha-1 yield, early vegetative vigour, good drought tolerance at on station trial. CR 2624, IR 74371-70-1-1 and IR 74371-3-1-1 genotypes were observed to be top three during participatory varietal selection.