Nutrient fortification approaches for enrichment of zinc enrichment in rice grain

Zinc is considered as fifth major nutrient deficiency after protein, calorie, Iron, vitamin A and Iodine, according to the International Zinc Nutrition there is a large mismatch between the zinc requirement and supply that is happening as of now in the state or elsewhere in the country. Present study was taken up to fortify the rice grain with zinc through soil and foliar sprays at different intervals and with different concentrations at Regional Agricultural Research Station, Anakapalle, Andhra Pradesh, ANGRAU during kharif, 2012 and 2013. Results revealed that highest grain yield of rice 5.41 and 5.26 t/ha during 2012 and 2013, respectively was recorded with application of 100 % chemical fertilizers + 12.5 kg zinc sulphate/ha as soil application + two foliar sprays of zinc sulphate at 21 and 60 days after transplanting. Zinc enrichment in rice grain also followed that same trend as it was high in soil and foliar application of zinc fertilizer to the crop (15.60 % increase over control).