Combining ability studies for grain and nutritional quality in some rice crosses

In the present investigation four with high yielding capacity and seven lines with good quality features were considered for hybridization programme using line × tester mating design to study the combining ability for grain and nutritional quality during 2011, 2012 and 2013 following randomized block design with three replications. Desirable significant sca effect were found in Taraori Basmati × Satabdi for kernel length, kernel length: breadth ratio, kernel length after cooking, Zn content, Jayasilet × Swarna-Sub 1 for kernel breadth, Seetabhog × IR 64 for amylose content, Zn content, Taraori Basmati × IR 64 for gel consistency, hulling percentage, Fe content and yield plant-1, Taraori Basmati × Pankaj for milling percentage, head rice recovery and yield plant-1. The reflection of sca effect in superior specific combinations towards desirable direction for different yield and quality characters highlighted that these superior crosses involved all the possible combination between parents like (high × high), ( high × average), (high × low), (average × average), (average × low) and (low × low) gca effect.

Author : Lakshmi Hijam* and KK Sarkar