Genetic variability and characters association among quality traits of medium duration rice under island conditions

Rice is the staple food of the people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and improving its productivity with quality traits by the genetic selection is crucial. Twenty eight genotypes of medium duration rice were analysed for various grain quality traits viz., grain length (mm), grain breadth (mm), grain length/breadth ratio, 1000 grain weight (g), kernel length (mm), kernel breadth (mm), kernel length/breadth ratio, 1000 kernel weight (g), grain elongation and hulling (%). The high genotypic coefficient of variation (30.93) was recorded for grain elongation, while low for kernel breadth and hulling (%). Grain elongation, 1000 grain weight and grain length showed high heritability coupled with high genetic advance. Rice hulling (%) was positively and significantly correlated with grain breadth, 1000 grain weight and 1000 kernel weight. On the other hand, 1000 kernel weight, kernel breadth, kernel length/breadth ratio and grain breadth had the positive direct effects on hulling percent. Based on overall magnitudes of heritability, genetic advance, correlation and path analysis, grain/kernel test weight is the most desirable trait for improving the hulling (%) of medium duration rice under island conditions.