Supplementation of Na2FeEDTA-fortified rice improves haemoglobin status in anaemic girls

To ensure that after fortification of rice the added nutrients are adequately bioavailable this study was planned which assessed the effect of iron-fortified rice with 35 ppm of Na2FeEDTA on the blood haemoglobin levels of anemic girls. A total of 54 subjects in the age group of 18-20 years were selected and supplemented with 100 g of normal raw rice and iron-fortified rice for the control group and experimental group respectively for a period of 2 months and effect of supplementation on the blood haemoglobin levels was checked on 0, 30 and 60 days. The results indicated that the haemoglobin level increased significantly (p<0.01) from the 0th to 60th day for the category of moderate and severe anaemic subjects of the experimental group. Hence the rice fortified with Na2FeEDTA can be an effective solution to prevent the enormous prevalence of anaemia.