Effect of long-term use of fertilisers / nutrients on seed yield and quality in rice

A study was undertaken to find out the response of long-term application of fertilisers / nutrients on seed yield and seed quality attributes in rice cv. Swarna. The treatments consisted of 50% NPK (T1), 100% NPK (T2), 150% NPK (T3), 100% NPK + Zn (T4), 100% NPK + FYM (T5), 100% NPK + FYM + Lime (T6), 100% NPK + B + Zn (T7), 100% NPK + S + Zn (T8), 100% N (T9), 100% NP (T10), 100% NPK + Lime (T11) and Control (T12). The per hectare dose of different nutrients were 80 kg N, 40 kg P2O5, and 60 kg K2O, 5 tonnes FYM, one tonne lime, 30 kg gypsum, 12.5 kg ZnSO4, and 0.25% borax as spray. While nitrogen was applied in three splits, potash and borax in two splits and all others were applied as basal. Observations were recorded on various seed yield and yield components and seed quality attributes. Application of RDF along with FYM, lime, borax, zinc and sulphur either alone or in combination resulted in significant yield enhancement. The highest seed yield (29.92 q/ha) was observed with application of recommended dose of NPK and FYM (T5), followed by T7 (28.17 q/ha). These treatments also resulted in improvement of various seed quality parameters, viz., percentage of seed germination, field emergence, seed vigour and storability. It may be concluded that integrated nutrients management through application of inorganic and organic nutrients is beneficial for quality seed production in rice.