A K Nayak

Editor- in - Chief

A K Nayak is Principal Scientist and Head of Crop Production Division of ICAR-National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack, Odisha, India. Dr. Nayak’s research interest during 22 years has been on problem soil management (saline, sodic and iron toxic soil), carbon sequestration and nutrient management in rice-rice and rice-wheat systems. For his work on problem soil management, carbon sequestration and nutrient management in rice-rice and rice-wheat systems, he has elected as Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences during 2015 in the category of Natural Resource Management. He and his team developed and recommended wide range of reclamation technology and management strategies for saline sodic soils and waterlogged sodic soil for which he and his team has received Hari Om Ashram Award from ICAR, New Delhi. His work on organo-chlorine pesticide residue in Ganga water is widely cited. He is awarded Borlaug Fellow for his outstanding work on water management. For his team work on management of saline black soils he and his team are conferred ISSS-Dr. J.S.P. Yadav Memorial Award. He has awarded Australian Endeavour Executive Fellow in 2018 and worked for three months at The University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia. His research team conferred with IPNI-FAI Award 2016 due to eco-friendly integrated nutrient management technologies in rice-based cropping systems. He has published more than 150 research papers till date and has guided several M.Sc. and Ph.D.  students. He is also handling the position of Editor, Journal of Indian Society of Soil Science and Academic Editor, Applied and Environmental Soil Science.




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