List of Symposium and Seminars conducted

International Rice Year1966
Pest and Disease Problems of High-yielding Varieties1970
Rice Production under Environmental Stress1971
Water Management in Rice1974
Increasing Rice Yield in Kharif1978
Advances in Rice Genetics and Breeding (Dr. K. Ramiah Centenary Celebration Symposium)1993
Rainfed Rice for Sustainable Food Security (International Symposium)1996
Rice Research for 21st Century Challenges, Priorities and Strategies1998
IPM Strategies in Rice Production Systems2001
Upland Rice Production System2002
Recent Advances in Rice-based Farming System2004
Research Priorities and Strategies in rice Production System for Second Green Revolution2007
Sustainable rice production system under changed climate2010
Sustainable Rice Production and Livelihood security : Challenges and Opportunities (International Symposium)2013
Frontiers of Rice Research for Improving Productivity, Profitability and Climate Resilience2018

Memorial lecture

The Association in collaboration with Dr. G. Sahu Memorial Trust, conducts Dr. Gopinath Sahu Memorial lecture every year since 1992. Eminent scientists are invited to deliver this memorial lecture, on topics related to rice research and production. The details of lectures delivered from 1992 are as follows:

Genetic Engineering in the service of mankind1992
Rice and Food Security1993
New Frontiers of Rice1994
Rice production constraints and remedial measures for Eastern India1995
Science and Society for 21st Century1996
Rice for Life- the problems and prospects of breaking the yield barrier in rice1997
Genome Analysis: The state of the art1998
Challenge and strategies for Rice production in 21st century2000
Role of Plant Physiologist in Food Security2000
World Bank Approach to Agricultural development-my experience2001
Rice Transgenic and its future2002
Basic-Bio-Energetic studies of Rice2003
Photo Inhibition and Crop Productivity2004
Physiology of Spikelet Development in Rice2005
Green Revolution to Ever Green Revolution2006
Present Scenario of Rice Research and Strategies for 2st Century2007
Genetic enhancement of short grain aromatic rice for higher productivity2008
Growing Rice in Changing climate2009
Designer GM Rice2010
Gender issues in Rice Farming System2011